A Significant Equipment

A Significant Equipment

A Significant Equipment: Washer Screw

After breaking, crumbling and screening the materials they should be cleaned and washed in order to be used. A washer screw is a significant equipment for the operation of washing. Valuable minerals and materials which are separated from sand and soils by this equipment. A washer screw can be with one spiral or double spiral. It have spiral scrubbers in order to distill the minerals and materials.

The Capacity of a Washer Screw

The number of spirals in these screws determines the capacity of a washer screw. These spirals separate all the different materials and soils from the minerals. Based on its using area, the capacity and size of a washer screw can be changed.

The Process of Cleaning with Washer Screw

The process of cleaning with washer screw consists of cleaning, collecting the subsidence, washing and draining. Washer screw first of all the subsidence of the material which is cleaned collects to the base. After this operation of decontamination, the washed material is drained by the spiral helix. The last stage is the discharge it from the discharged grooves. The sludge and water are separated from each other and poured from different grooves.

The Quality of a Washer Screw

The quality of a washer screw is dependent upon its material which it is produced. Spiral sheets must be made up of a material of high quality. They are covered by rubber also. However they are wearable and the wearing is the most important problem of washer screws. If you need washer screw you can trust the quality of the products of Hawk Plant. This company which can spread Turkey also has becoming a world company and increasing its market share quickly. You can contact with them for all your needs in the realm of building and mining. 






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