An Important Equipment of Storing

An Important Equipment of Storing

An Important Equipment of Storing: The Cement Silo

To store a large amount of cement is the main function of a cement silo. These silos have different capacities and the distance from the plants is the determinative factor in choosing a silo. They are divided into two basic models among themselves. One of them is welded silo and the other is bolted silo.

What is a Welded Cement Silo?

The best choice for a short range transportation is the welded cement silo. Their installation process is minimum and so simple. Besides they can be routed, lifted and placed on the foundation as a single part. Furthermore their material can provide the permeability of water. A capacity of welded cement silo can be reached to 120 ton.

A Bolted Cement Silo

On the other hand a bolted cement silo can have a capacity of 500 ton. They are appropriate for long distance transport and a large amount of cement. Besides these advantages, their installation can take longer time. The implementation of water insulation is important for them. The production of both the welded and bolted cement silos is a task of competence and knowledge. 

The Installation and Operation of Cement Silos

All the construction equipments and machines requires professionalism and experience. You should choose a company for these machines which gives importance customer satisfactions. Hawk Plant has been a world company which you can reach its products in Turkey also. They continue to increase their market share. About the types, capacities and installation of cement silos you can get the necessary help and advices from them. All the products of this company has been of high quality and high quality and experience are the necessary conditions for all construction works. To increase the working conditions and fertility of the products and to decrease the maintenance and operating costs is their main goal. You can contact with them for all your need in this realm.



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