Belt Conveyor

Belt Conveyor

Belt Conveyor for Maximum Customer Satisfuction

The belt conveyor plays a special role in Hawkplant conveyor technology portfolio. On the one hand, it belongs to the family of continuous conveyors, but in our case, it is limited to the transport of general cargo and individual load carriers within a stationary conveyor system. The Hawkplant belt conveyor is specially designed according to customer requirements and uses a long-proven modular construction kit that is optimized and adapted to the respective application. This allows maximum flexibility and increases space utilization in a wide range of production environments. The belt conveyor system works with maximum efficiency in terms of both material flow and energy requirements, making it a profitable and environmentally friendly investment in the future.

The Very Low Maintenance and Minimized Susceptibility To Interference And Wear Characterize The Hawkplant Belt Conveyor

 The tried-and-tested Hawkplant philosophy serves to speed up individual work processes and to sustainably reduce production costs in your company. The belt conveyor has been part of the Hawkplant system family for many years and has established itself as a fixed size in the transport of cargo 500 to 1000 mm to 40 meters. In addition to horizontal transport, the belt conveyor can also be used in the form of a continuous elevator over a downhill slope. The conveyed enters a higher level without a freight elevator or the like to install.

In this application, a special conveyor belt is used, which provides a firm grip and ensures that even heavier goods reach their destination. The seemingly effortless and very low-noise conveyor belt brings various production units in the form of boxes, boxes, boxes, tires, rims, barrels and various other containers and many more, fast, accurate and uncomplicated to their destination. In order to meet the requirement of separation from a conveyor line into different areas or the merging of one or more conveyor lines, simple as well as equally effective side guides are available. An additional option is provided by the pneumatically controlled pushers. The belt conveyor is designed for uninterrupted operation, delivering maximum productivity coupled with high.


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