Cement Silo

Cement Silo

Cement Silo Characteristic

Designed to optimize your work, Hawkplant silos are available in different volumes (between 15m³ and 35m³) and can be equipped with a variety of accessories. The fully automated silos facilitate storage and metering of cement. Each installation is tailored to your needs.

High efficiency

The vertical cement silos can save manpower and reduce the restrictions associated with bag storage.

The dosage of the cement is faster and it saves a lot of time. With the silo, the efficiency is twice greater than with cement bags.

Practical and economical

The silo is more flexible than cement bags and dispenses the desired amount quickly and easily.

The silo also prevents waste of cement and limits procurement costs.

Automated dosage

The Hawkplant cement silos are equipped with a cement screw and a machine for regulating the dosage of the material.

Remote control

The programming cabinet can be equipped with a remote control so that the cement can be dosed directly in a mixing bucket without the operator having to get out of the construction machine.

Reliable and safe

The cement silo is equipped with a safety valve and a low level sensor.

The cement screw is provided with a cleaning vibrator.

Supplement to mixing blades

If the monolithic silo is used with a mixing blade from Hawkplant, the production of concrete and / or fixing material can be optimized.

The silo allows metering of the cement and direct filling of the mixing paddles without the operator having to get out of the construction machine.


Do you want to add other items to the silo? A customized assembly? A special volume? Let us know!

Safe load transfer, fast assembly, exact adaptation to the building geometry and integration of a site access; In addition to a safe dissipation of the loads, the required shoring should, on the one hand, adapt to the hexagonal shape of the honeycombs as accurately and, as far as possible, for a rapid construction progress, as material-saving as possible.



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