Concrete Batching Mixer

Concrete Batching Mixer

What Can A Concrete Batching Mixer Do?

The concrete batching mixer mixes the concrete evenly and is designed to produce this mix so that subsequent processing can be optimally achieved. Most of the mixing machines consist of a drum. This is where the mixture of cement, water and aggregates is put together. These aggregates can be sand, gravel or grit. If you keep this mixture ratio - that is the classic concrete. It is also possible to add concrete admixtures and concrete admixtures, which have to be added, depending on the sense of the material to be used.

A crucial element is still the cement. It takes skill and work to make it: this procedure uses a mixer. Cement is the most important and highest quality component. With water contact, the cement then serves as a binder.

A mixer used, z. for house building or for new floors. Also, you can use a mixer for a new driveway. A mixer can not only mix concrete. The machine can also be used to produce concrete mortar.

What Functions Does A Concrete Mixer Have?

One of the requirements of a cement mixer is that the cement mixes with the cement

Water always and always mixed and this process is repeated again and again until you have the right mixing result.

The desired degree of homogeneity is achieved in a very short time. Depending on how heterogeneous the previously introduced mass is.

One has the possibility of a quick recipe change. Such a change occurs when more or less cement and other mixtures are added through the opening and the mass is further mixed.

The process of concrete mixing can be tracked and thus the perfect concrete mix can be used.

When a concrete batching mixer is used, there are low costs for energy and wear.

Many mixers have an engine. The motor is then used to drive the mixer. This can be done in the form of a moving drum or in the form of moving elements in the drum.

If there is no motor, only operation via a handwheel helps. With the hand wheel, the concrete mixture can be distributed and incorporated, this happens then via muscle power. The handwheel can turn the drum in any direction you need.

Another important part of all concrete batching mixer machines is the foot brake. The foot brake serves to keep the concrete mixer rigid without it being able to roll away.


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