Concrete Batching Plant Offers

Concrete Batching Plant Offers

Concrete Batching Plant Offers

Only the individual adaptation of the system to the specific requirements of the application ensures high profitability. Consulting is therefore always the top priority at Hawkplant in order to transfer the framework conditions on site into the design of the system. From the silo through the conveyor to the mixer, all efficiency and quality potentials are exploited. At the same time, the plants are designed for optimum output, taking into account sufficient reserves. Whether large-scale construction project or strong producer: performance-optimized Hawkplant concrete bathing plants are a strong link for every construction logistics; They support short construction times, smooth processes and economic cost structures…

What we offer generally;

  1. Flexible configuration; Double shaft mixer or double spiral mixer; Double spiral shaft mixer;
  1. Two computer control; environmentally friendly; Save energy.
  2. Stability and Durability: Adaptation and application of the most advanced technologies in the world.
  3. Excellent environmental protection, dust collection system and anti-noise design.
  4. Reliability: 10 years experiences in the production of concrete bathing plants
  5. Stationary modular structure, quick and easy installation;
  6. Horizontal twin shaft compulsory mixer, excellent mixing efficiency with high efficiency and high productivity;
  7. The mixing shafts adapt to anti-binding technology to prevent the cement from binding to the waves.
  8. Excellent mixing performance; Horizontal twin-shaft force mixer has the strong mixing ability with uniform mix and high production output. The admixtures are widely mixed by the waves and achieve the best proportional ratio of uniformity.
  9. Concrete bathing plant mixing paddles, arms and blades are made of special high chrome material and high manganese alloy. The wear resistance of the mixing paddles saves time and money on replacement while improving the durability and reliability of the machines.
  10. The lubrication system controlled by the central control lubricates the lubrication points to the fixed position, fixed time and fixed amount…



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