Concrete Batching Plant Systems

Concrete Batching Plant Systems

Concrete Batching Plant Systems

Concrete batching plants are the result of Hawkplant, a company specializing in the manufacture of batching plants. A synergy that summarizes the experiences of the two companies to provide the highest quality, a contradictory, and the best quality / price ratio of our products.

 We provide a complete range of solutions to meet the most demanding customers and provide a complete service, from design to after-sales, including installation.

The Control System Has the Following Functions:

  1. Concrete batching plants automatic and manual control, easy operation;
  2. Dynamic display of the production process and monitoring in real time;
  3. Store the data of production perimeters in the computer, print the daily, monthly and yearly statistical reports of the production.
  4. weighing accuracy: automatic re-feeding in case of weight loss, overweight warning
  5. Operators will know and monitor the running conditions of the mixing plant in the control room using a safety monitoring system;
  6. The management computer is a backup computer for the entire electrical control system. When the control computer is out of order, the management computer can be changed to control production in the control computer.
  7. Remote diagnostics through Internet and Tele-Service, which greatly improves the user's ability to harm the system.
  8. The control room, which consists of colorful steel plates, is spacious, soundproof and thermally insulated. It guarantees the working temperature of the electrical components, also improves working comfortably
  9. Delay system uses high-speed synchronized and closed planetary retarders. 6. The opening of the discharge gate can be adjusted by hydraulic system according to specific requirements
  10. Control system; The double-control dual-system control system consists of two industrial computers, one being the production control computer and the other being the production management computer.

For learn more about our complete range of all concrete batching plants and how to get more than 10 years of experience in this sector and cut sensitively the costs of the concrete pillars and foundation works.



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