Crusher Properties for Better Work

Crusher Properties for Better Work

Crusher Properties for Better Work

Enormously powerful

Hawkplant has developed a special drive technology for its crusher and mobile crushers: The goal is maximum performance with minimum consumption. The direct drive of the diesel engine offers advantages such as: lower diesel consumption, improved efficiency and lower maintenance and service costs at the same throughput as in machines with more drive power.

Fully mobile crusher

From the narrow downtown construction site to the highlands: A mobile crushing plant from RM can be easily transported at any time without special permission. Even at the construction site, our crushers are more mobile than others: using the remote control, you can break and drive at the same time, allowing you to easily move from one location to another even on difficult ground.

Extremely user-friendly

Through the Hawkplant GO! Principle is an operation without lengthy training in one-man operation possible. Clearly described maintenance cycles at defined locations make maintenance extremely easy. All maintenance points are also centralized and accessible from the ground. It could not be easier.

Versatile use

Through unique technical innovations, one and the same crusher can both recycle and process rocks. The sophisticated RM technology makes Hawkplant compact crusher suitable for a wide range of materials: e.g. for rubble, natural stone, glass, coal or reinforced concrete…

Focus on innovation

Hawk plant continuously invests many resources in research and development for innovative technical solutions with maximum customer benefit. As an expert in mobile breaking, Hawk plant has been a pioneering global market leader in mobile compacting for about twenty years.

Economical and environmentally friendly

The innovative, powerful diesel-electric drive is extremely economical with up to 30% less fuel costs. The intelligent dust suppression system and the Hawk plant enviro package for low noise and dust emissions enjoy a high level of acceptance among residents, operators and authorities.


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