Crusher Types To Know

Crusher Types To Know

Crusher Types To Know

The crusher is a machinery equipped with shovels, also called jaws, which serve to cut into smaller sizes various materials, such as cardboard, stone, minerals, iron, etc. Also, this type of machinery can crush, press and pack plants, branches and other remains of the field.

Today we talk about the industrial crusher, which serves to fractionate harder materials, as we have pointed out previously, and of which, depending on the type of work that is carried out, there are specific machines for each of them.

Cone crusher

It is a machine that is used for very hard materials and with which very good results are achieved in their finishes.

They are used in cement plants, in building construction, in mining, roads, bridges, metallurgy, etc.

Jaw crusher

This is a fairly modern machine that has come to replace what was previously, offering better results than these.

The performance, as we have pointed out, is much more satisfactory than that of its predecessors, being also handled more easily by the operators that use it.

These machines are widely used in the field of mining and construction, because, thanks to their blades, they perfectly crush materials such as granite, iron, marble, copper or other similar materials.

Of vertical mills

These machines have a special feature, which is their long service life. In addition, they are very easy to manage and maintain.

Another fact to keep in mind is that they do not contaminate, so they are not harmful to the environment at all.

They are used for any type of material that is not flammable or explosive. They grind materials such as cement, copper, quartz, coal, talc, etc.


They consist of a type of machinery that also has a long service life and good efficiency. They are robust and capable of being in operation for a long time.

Crusher, Its main work is done in mining, crushing various types of rocks, clays, minerals and other similar elements.


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