Crushing Plant Quality

Crushing Plant Quality

Crushing Plant Quality


It is mainly responsible for feeding the primary crusher. It is robustly built to withstand the unloading of trucks, or hoppers, or front loaders. There are several types but the most used in quarries of 50 to 500 ton / hour is the so-called vibratory. It also fulfills the function of continuously and constantly feeding the production line.

Jaw crusher

They are usually used as a primary crushing plant, it is built in a robust way, in some cases it is also used as a secondary. it is the initiator of the crushing process. it exerts a chewing effect of the material that can be easily moved by the conveyor belts towards the later stages of the crushing. Its reduction rate is 3 or 5 to 1 depending on the hardness of the material.

Horizontal shaft impact crushing plant the secondary impact crushers allow to accept material from primary crushers larger than a cone for example. They are recommended for low abrasive materials (Limestone for example). They offer a high reduction rate of 5 or 8 to Another particularity is that of providing a greater quantity of fine products.

Cone Crushers

They are used as secondary or tertiary crushers, especially recommended for grinding hard and abrasive rocks, the reduction rates are 3 or 5 to 1 depending on the hardness of the material and the desired final product. This rate is lower in tertiary applications.


They can fulfill several functions in the crushing process for example: Preliminary separation before the material enters the primary crushing plant, separation of the material finer or thicker than the desired size, separation of the product in 2, 3 or more sizes, etc.

Vertical shaft impact crushers (VSI Vertical Shaft Impactor)

They are recommended in the production of sands or fine material, basically they behave like stone pumps that at high speed drive the stones centrifugally making them collide against each other fracturing them. Its reduction rate is 2 or 3 to 1!


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