Dewatering and Drainage

Dewatering and Drainage

Dewatering and Drainage

Sieves of this series dewater in pulp present materials and achieve a transportable by conventional means bulk material. Similarly, CSE dewatering screens are used to recover solids from liquids. The screen frame is extremely robust and, depending on the application, in glued and bolted construction or welded construction. Due to the special inclination of the impact angle and a slope of 3 ° rising a low residual moisture content of the feed material is achieved. All screen coverings on the market can be used.


  • high job rates possible
  • low residual moisture of the material
  • individual design of the screen coverings
  • adapted wear and corrosion protection
  • high operational safety
  • robust design

Drainage Of Sand - A Hard Work

Material layer machine size of 1600 x 3500 mm result in perfect drainage performance up to a residual moisture content of %8 at the discharge point. The solids obtained in this way are thus transported in a conventional manner with conveyor belts and further treatment steps are possible. CSE dewatering screens work under high material loading, which requires both a robust design of the screen frame and a suitable screen cover construction.

Unbalance Exciter - The Robust Way

CSE unbalance exciters are characterized by in-house production, first-class components and optimized bearing life. Decades of experience in the design of the machines lead to optimal and adapted vibration behavior and highest sieving efficiency. For this, the entire oscillating mass is accelerated up to 6g. A bearing life of up to 10,000 operating hours is not uncommon. Highest reliability even in heavy industrial environments is the result.


The design of the screen is possible, depending on requirements, in single or multi-deck construction. Magnetic vibrators, unbalance motors, exciters and circular oscillators are available as drives. The drainage screens are usually carried out with overhead drives.


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