European Type Impact Crusher

European Type Impact Crusher

European Type Impact Crusher

Combined with outstanding manufacturing technology and accurate analysis of technology, the European-style rotary crusher makes its debut in the market. In the operation of safety and stability equipment, the bearing capacity is higher, the device’s partial automation adjustments, especially emphasize intelligence, advanced technology specifics.

Applications: Crushing of ore, railway, highway, energy, cement, chemical industry, construction, etc.

According to the Hawkplant series, the European type rotary crusher adopts the latest international rotor crusher technology and is a new generation of products that reaches an international advanced level. The rotor is the heart of the rotor crusher and the most rigorous part. Therefore, the company develops and manufactures reliable heavy rotors in order to obtain higher inertia. The choice of high wear-resistant materials and the best design of the crushing chamber make crushers excellent.

The European type Hawkplant rotary crusher has improved the adjusting device and the operation more convenient.

In connection with the project of 3 crushing chambers, the European type rotary crusher according to the PFW series works perfectly in the field of fine and super thin crushing. Crushing of two chambers simplify the process in the field of large and medium crushing. A mobile rotary crusher is available

European Type Impact Crusher

1. Advanced production technology, best material.

2. High quality rotor.

3. The bearing is used by the integrated cast style design. The whole bearing housing guarantees perfect combination with the crusher bed, and at the same time, the radial hardness of the bearing is significantly increased. But separable do not have such an advantage.

4. The unique fixed installation of a beat has high reliability.

5. The perfection of the regulatory installation has reduced the time it takes to shut down and repair equipment.

6. The top is easily opened. Replacing wearing parts is quick and easy.

7.Larger bearing specification, higher throughput.

8. Using the finite element analysis technique, the rotor has the highest properties.



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