High Pressure Jaw Crusher

High Pressure Jaw Crusher

High Pressure Jaw Crusher

The tracked jaw crushers from Hawkplant provide maximum performance in the crushing and fractionation of impact materials for construction materials and in the recycling of building rubble. Designed to meet the rigors of primary crushing applications, Finlay jaw crushers offer impressive power, superior performance and proven reliability.

Powerful And Robust

Jaw crushers are ideal for pre-shredding very hard, hard, medium-hard, brittle, tough and temperature-sensitive materials. The sample is crushed by high pressure between a fixed and a movable crushing plate.

To avoid disturbing abrasion, the grinding tools are offered in various types of steel, carbide tungsten carbide and zirconium oxide.

Operation of the jaw crusher

The jaw crusher gets its name from the movement that makes its crushing plate, similar to a jaw when chewing.

The crusher motor produces an oscillating movement in the crushing plate, which is placed diagonally. The ore is introduced through the top of the crusher, which has a large cavity that is reduced as the ore enters the crusher. The oscillating movement and the pressure that the crushing plate exerts on the minerals when making them collide with the internal wall of the crusher is what causes the stones to fragment and crushing is completed.

Characteristics Of The Jaw Crusher

The main features of the jaw crusher are:

- High performance to shred.

- Uniformity in the granulometry.

- Simple structure.

- Easy repair and maintenance.

- Easy to control and operate.

- Reduced operating costs.

- Adjustable power and discharge ports.

- It has applications in mining, construction, extraction, among others.

Thanks to many unique details, Hawkplant jaw crushers are the ideal choice when it comes to the fast and efficient roughing and pre-shredding of medium-hard, hard, brittle and tough materials. Due to the design variants and the performance and safety features, jaw crushers are ideally suited for sample preparation in the laboratory and in operation.


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