Mobile Batching Plant Types

Mobile Batching Plant Types

Mobile Batching Plant Types

The company Hawkplant offers a wide range of mobile concrete plants, from small compact construction sites with a capacity of 30 mᵌ / h. up to large machines with a capacity of 120 mᵌ / h

The mobile concrete plants are used primarily for the production of ready-mixed concrete. The main purpose of the mobile version is the ability of quick assembly and then disassembly for rapid deployment in production in a new location.

Because of the increasing emphasis placed on the mobility of concrete plants and the possibility of their rapid transfer to another location, the company Hawkplant is constantly expanding this category and at present it offers mobile concrete plants in several modifications, which allow both the requirements Small construction companies, as well as large companies for use on large-scale construction projects. One indisputable advantage of these concrete plants is that their use in terrain does not require classical construction preparation, they are mounted on mobile foundations on a paved surface.

Mobile Concrete Plant Types

Type HWK C-20/30: The mobile concrete plants of the hwk series are designed as compact systems, which are connected with the aggregate bag bunker close to the mixing center. The aggregate bunker is therefore part of the technology and reduces the claim to placement in the terrain. The weighing of the aggregates runs in the skip transporter under the aggregate bunker by means of a weighing frame equipped with tensometric sensors.

Type HWK C-60: In contrast to the compact version, the HWK series are concrete aggregates with an aggregate bunker where the weighing of the material on a weighing belt runs under the container and is conveyed by means of the skip carriage into the mixer. Part of the equipment of the concrete plant is also the mobile sheathing. At present the company Hawkplant delivers 3 sizes with the capacity of 30- 80 to 120 m3 / h.

Type HWK C-90: The third type of mobile plant differs from the container into the mixer due to the way in which the aggregate is transported. In this case, an oblique discharge belt is used instead of the skip transporter for the carriage of the aggregate. It is a row bunker, the weighing of the material runs on the weighing belt under the container. The concrete plant has the type designation MBP and the power again from 80 to 160 m3 / h.


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