Ready Mix Concrete

Ready Mix Concrete

Ready Mix Concrete; With Hawkplant Sensitivity

The basic recipe for concrete is simple and everything you need for it is provided by the nature of our homeland. The basis for this ingenious building material is cement made from limestone and clay, plus sand, gravel and water.

As a building material, today it offers the perfect symbiosis: Ecological and sustainable, because environmental protection is consistently implemented in concrete from production to recycling.

Origin and transport routes are in harmony with responsible action for people and the environment. Concrete allows individual modern architecture, coupled with the best features for a healthy living environment.

Concrete - not for nothing the most widely used building material in the world

Although one usually takes what concrete can take for granted, one overlooks all too often what the real benefits of this building material are.

Controlled Production

Ready-mixed concrete is automatically produced using tried and tested mixtures in modern factories. In addition, the production process and the last product are subject to ongoing internal and external controls.

Consistent Quality

The standardized production process, the ongoing controls and the use of qualitative supplements guarantee consistent quality. The liability of the product is assumed by the manufacturer.

Just-In-Time Delivery

Ready-mix concrete meets the construction site on time by means of truck mixers, where it can be unloaded within a few minutes using modern concrete pumps. Construction times can be met so precisely.

Introduction of The Concrete

With the help of modern concrete pumps, which have a very long reach, concrete can be brought in easily, quickly and precisely even in inaccessible places.

Individual Characteristics

The customer receives the concrete according to his desired requirements. Thus, the concrete can be impermeable to water, resistant to chemical substances, resistant to frost and de-icing salt as well as self-compacting.


Ready-mixed concrete can be delivered flexibly, i. Concrete with different properties can be delivered at any time and in any quantity.


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