Ready Mix Concrete Benefits

Ready Mix Concrete Benefits

Ready Mix Concrete Benefits, Durability, resilience, Thermal efficiency,Soundproofing, Ready mix concrete, Impermeability, Fire resistance, Individual architecture,Natural resources

Ready Mix Concrete Benefits

Concrete offers sustainable value through appealing surfaces, massive buildings and significant performance benefits, such as sound insulation, fire protection or by the thermally effective mass. Anyone who works with concrete relies on proven and established technology throughout its entire life cycle.

Durability, resilience

Who builds with ready mix concrete, builds robust and durable, because the building material has a high resistance. Since concrete hardly changes over time, but even increases its strength, this means low follow-up costs.

Thermal efficiency

Concrete serves as a heat storage through its massiveness. The construction works in winter as in summer temperature compensating and thus ensures a consistent indoor climate with feel-good character.


Ready mix concrete effectively protects against noise by its weight of material. It offers effective sound insulation on busy roads, railway lines or in entry lanes, making concrete the ideal choice as a building material.


Concrete creates a water-impermeable structure. In the execution as a "white tub" the waterproofness is achieved by means of technically proven measures. This application is found mainly in the construction of foundations and basements.

Fire resistance

Ready mix concrete burns and does not melt. The temperature increase in a fire is much lower in concrete components than in other building materials. In addition, concrete structures can be easily and inexpensively rehabilitated in the event of a fire.

Individual architecture

With concrete, almost every sophisticated architectural form and function can be realized. So when building with concrete your own style can be realized and the individuality expressed.

Natural resources

Starting materials for the production concrete are water, sand, gravel and cement. All these materials are based on purely natural raw materials.


Concrete can be completely recycled. Concrete components can be crushed to be used as aggregate or as a material in road construction application.


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