Take Ready Mix Concrete

Take Ready Mix Concrete

Take Ready Mix Concrete : Hawkplant produces ready-mixed concrete and mortar in its factories and supplies both small and large construction sites with its own truck mixers and concrete pumps.

Proper and above all punctual delivery to our customers is a matter of course for us. This includes the constant technical inspection and optimization of our ready mix concrete, mixing plants as well as a permanent concrete technology training of all employees.

The result is our proverbial reliability and high product quality.

The difference between ready mix concrete and cement is not very clear to many. No wonder, because concrete is partly made of cement. We explain to you what exactly lies behind the two terms.

Concrete and cement are conceptually close together, yet it is not the same.

Cement is actually a binder. When it comes into contact with water, a chemical reaction, hydration, causes hardening.

The basis for cement is limestone and clay, which are often mixed in nature - this is called marl. The two substances are first finely ground and heated to almost 1,500 degrees, so that they partially merge. This process is called sintering.

The cement clinker that is produced is now mixed with blast furnace slag, fly ash, limestone and gypsum and the mixture is finely ground. The last product is called cement.

Cement forms the binder in the building materials mortar and concrete. Both building materials consist of water, cement and an aggregate. With different, mostly chemical additives, the properties of the building materials can be modified.

The difference between concrete and mortar is the size of the aggregate. For mortar a aggregate with a maximum of 4 millimeters in diameter is used, so sand. Concrete, on the other hand, is produced with significantly larger aggregates. Some of the individual stones have a diameter of up to 32 millimeters.

Cement and stone combine as soon as the cement has hardened to a very pressure-resistant matrix. This means that the building material is ideal for building houses, roads or bridges.


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