The Big Gun of Construction Impact Crusher

The Big Gun of Construction Impact Crusher

The Big Gun of Construction: The Impact Crusher

There are two type of impact crusher, as the primary and secondary. As different from the other types of crushers, it has a function of impact in breaking. Primary impact crusher can break large size stones and rocks which are medium and low hardness materials. Secondary impact crusher has three stage crusher pendulum and its using area is multipurpose. These two crushers sometimes make the performance of each other. Their configurations can be changed according the types of raw materials and the requirements. They are used in mining, chemical industry, cement, railway and buildings. They are so influential machines and systems in terms of breaking the materials such as copper ore, granite, iron ore and silica.

Primary Impact Crusher

In practice primary impact crusher can be used both in primary and secondary stages. These stages are determined by the sizes of the stones and other materials. It is difficult to reduce all the materials by means of one unique impact into the desired size. For this reason, there are primary and secondary impact crushers. Primary ones have a huge capacity of crushing and they break stones and rocks with 0, 5 and 1, 5 meters.

Secondary Impact Crusher

Secondary impact crusher can break the stones which are 300 or 400 millimeter. The features of the materials which must be broken determines the type of impact crusher. The fixed lower body, the rotor and the upper body are the parts of these machines. In order to disclose rotor and internal parts, the upper body can be opened when it is working.   

Impact Crusher of High Quality and Adapted Easily

The desired features of primary and secondary impact crushers are high capacity, high reduction ratio and low operating and investment costs. Hawk Plant can provide you the impact crusher which your company and work requires. It is a steadfast and proficient company which can help you adapting and installing the impact crushers according to your needs. When you work with this company you cannot have any problem of assembly and disassembly of the crushers and you can choose the best crusher with adequate features for your work.   


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