The Hardworking Machines of Construction

The Hardworking Machines of Construction

The Hardworking Machines of Construction: Crusher

A crusher is a big machinery and equipment for breaking the big stones and eliminating them. Both in the construction places and mining they can be used. They have different types with different functions and capacities. Jaw crushers, tertiary crushers, vertical shaft impact crushers and cone crushers ate the main types of them.

What is a Jaw Crusher?

A jaw crusher has a stationary and movable jaw which works with a hydraulic system. By means of cryptic movements it can work with high performance and productivity. It is an efficient machine that can break different sizes of all stones and other materials such as basalt. According to the angle of their mouth there are four types of jaw crusher with different capacities.

Tertiary Crushers

The other type of crushers is called as tertiary crusher. They work with double-sided rotating rotor and adaptable outlet opening. By this way they can crush all the materials in different sizes. They can provide high sand proportion and can be used as a secondary jaw crusher or a sand machine. Its operation and maintenance costs are very low.

Vertical Shaft Impact and Cone Crushers

Vertical shaft impact crusher works with a rotating rotor and its operation has low cost, since the crushing process is provided by hitting stones to others. As for cone crushers, they can provide the highest efficiency with a low cost of operation. It is the biggest machine in this realm.

According to their area of usage a crusher can be preferred. They have different functions and capacities. In you need a crusher, you should consult with an experienced company who has professional engineers. Hwk Plant has been a world company which serves in Turkey also. You can trust with their experience and competence and in any need of crusher or other construction equipments you can contact with them.   



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