The Most Popular Vehicular Concrete Batching Plant

The Most Popular Vehicular Concrete Batching Plant

The Most Popular Vehicular Concrete Batching Plant

Concrete is one of the most popular modern building materials, therefore, whole stations, concrete mixing plants and equipment have been developed for its production. They are all based on the use of equipment, which is understood as a set of technological nodes that perform:

Receiving the initial components and supplying them to the dosing modules (reservoir, conveyor);

  • Dosing and transfer to mixers (water and chemical dosing system);
  • Stir until the correct consistency is achieved (cyclic or continuous type mixing module);
  • Delivery of the ready-mixed mixture.
  • This equipment is often automated, has a flexible adjustment and control system (using hydraulics, electromechanics, pneumatics and hand tools).

Concrete batching plant carries out the task of preparing a mix of building a specific brand. And not only classic concrete, but also compacted, latex-polymer, self-compacting foam concrete as well as various fast-curing compounds, soil stabilizers, low-flow solutions.

Classification of Concrete Treatment Plants

Given the wide variety of systems used in the manufacture of concrete and similar building materials, there are various classifications of this equipment.

The installation principle differentiates between stationary and temporary constructions. As a rule, the stationary concrete processing plant is part of a large production complex and does its daily work in order to supply the company with high-quality products. On-site stations are characterized by a high installation speed and the ability to make plastic mixtures taking into account the specifics of a particular production. Mobile concrete processing plants are used as temporary equipment on construction sites up to concrete construction.

In view of the specificity of mixing ingredients in the machine, distinguish a concrete batching plant using a gravity principle, a pneumatic system, a forced mechanism, or work on a multi-technology basis at once.

Depending on the type of operation, cyclic concrete mixing plants are selected, the cycle by cycle, by step loading, mixing and delivery of material and continuous equipment, where you can load the same time, mix and transfer the day.

Depending on the principle of the transfer of raw materials, single-stage (even high-altitude) Concrete batching plant mixing plants and two-stage (partner) mixing plants are recorded. The first raises the source only once, and the finished product already enters the reservoirs due to the gravity flow. The second one carries out the lifting of the material twice: first - to the flow meter and then - with a lift or conveyor belt - into the mixer.



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