The Process of Dewatering

The Process of Dewatering

The Process of Dewatering

Dewatering is a process of eliminating the minerals and mines from other contaminant materials. It is also the name of the dewatering screen which can clean and wash these minerals. Thus it has a function of sifting and washing. In the washing process a high washing consumption is needed. The main advantage of dewatering screens is their capacity of reducing water consumption.

The Operation of Dewatering

Dewatering screen is actually is a system which consists of screen cloth, motor, supporting system and vibration exciter. This system is used in coal and ore industry especially. It carries out different functions such as washing, scrubbing, rinsing and seizing. These systems are intended to yield drip-free products. They can also grip materials such as sand, aggregates, minerals sands, coal and iron. Their working principle and design is dependent upon surface area, surface morphology and contact angle.

Dewatering Screen of High Quality

Abrasion and wearing is the main problem of dewatering screens like many other equipments like this. In order to prevent abrasion the surfaces which are in touch with sands and other materials must be enclosed with a rubber liner. The sieve wires must be polyurethane in case of providing wear resistance. Moreover the design of it must enable to operate easily with low costs. These are the main features of a dewatering screen of high quality.

The Purpose of Dewatering System

The main purpose of dewatering systems is to reduce water consumption and operating costs and increase investment. If you need a steadfast and qualified company to get dewatering screens you can get in contact with Hawk Plant which can sell the products in Turkey. They have a highly experienced staff and they follow all the innovations in this realm. You can trust their engineering grade and professionalism and the quality and functionality of their products.    



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