Uncomplicated Crushing of Recyclable Waste

Uncomplicated Crushing of Recyclable Waste

Uncomplicated Crushing of Recyclable Waste, Intelligent Pusher Control

Uncomplicated Crushing of Recyclable Waste

The hawkplant crusher is a new generation of powerful, reliable and versatile 1-axis shredders. The positioning of the product concentrates in the crushing of materials efficiently and without problems. The hawkplant crusher gives the owner the assurance that there is no unplanned shutdown and that the machine does the work for which it was built: grind reliably.

This crusher has been developed and realized in cooperation with industrial and professional users in a two-year project. Thus a new category of single-shaft shredders that satisfy any desire has emerged. In addition to the robust universal cutting system, the indestructible body of the machine and the reliable technology of pushers that does not need any maintenance are now added other technical highlights such as the robust drive system with safety coupling included. Unlike conventional machines, the QR class does not need any axle journals because the planetary gear is integrated into the rotor. This considerably reduces the risk of having to make expensive repairs.

Another of the many technical peculiarities is the multifunctional cover. This allows quick and easy access to the camera of the cutter mechanism and ensures an efficient emptying of the hopper as well as the rapid removal of disturbing materials.

  • In addition, the pusher can be cleaned in an ergonomic and safe position.
  • Easy operation through a high-resolution touch screen, intelligent control of the pusher as well as prolonged
  • Maintenance intervals and quick and safe access to all machine components allow to reduce
  • to a minimum the works during the operation and when doing the maintenance.

Intelligent Pusher Control

With intelligent control of the pusher not only increases the throughput but also the efficiency of the crushing process. The control detects autonomously if the material is not crushed optimally and automatically improves its power through the pusher located inside.

With our 2 years warranty, we guarantee that the machine works without problems.

Fields of application:

  • conglomerates
  • Profiles
  • fibers
  • ribbons
  • waste wood and pallets
  • etc.



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