What İs An Impact Crusher?

What İs An Impact Crusher?

What İs An Impact Crusher?

The impact crusher is a machine that uses the energy of an impact or blow to break the material. In general, these machines provide better graduated curves in relation to the jaw crushers, as well as a good form factor. They are not suitable for abrasive material, unless it is very soft, nor for hard materials, unless they have a stratified texture.

There are two fundamental types of impact crushers: shock and hammer bars. In the former, the striker element is elongated bars, fixed and parallel to the rotor, rectangular section. In the second, the percussion element is a collection of hammers located along several axes in the periphery of the rotor.

Although there are several existing models, basically these crushers consist of a more or less cubic casing, crushing chamber, which is crossed by an axis that is supported by bearings on two of its opposite side faces. Embracing the shaft, there is the rotor where the percussion elements are housed, which strike and throw the material inside the impact chamber against the shock plates, located on the upper and front face.

The entrance mouth is located at the top, on one side, and at about 45º with the vertical, and the outlet mouth is at the bottom. The shock plates, made of manganese steel, wear unevenly, so they are designed symmetrically in order to invert them and make better use of them. They are usually serrated to facilitate the fracture of the material.

The machines are usually opened by a horizontal plane at the height of the bearings of the shaft bearings. On the sides of the housing, registration doors are located for inspection and maintenance.

Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher

The hammer or shaft impact crusher allows a greater number of impacts per unit of time on the stone than in the bar crusher, since having several hammers in line each of them can independently hit the same stone in the same revolution. These hammers rotate freely on their axis embedded in the rotor. The percussion effort is limited by the speed of the rotor and the mass of the hammer. They are characterized by a very high reduction capacity, between 20 and 30.


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